Finding the right Recovery Coach and Companion in New York City

Finding Right Recovery Coach Companion, New York City


Photo credit Travis Dove for The New York Times; “An exhibit of painted sneakers called ‘Step Into the Soles of Recovery’ was created by students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as part of an effort to destigmatize addiction.”



A Recovery Coach/companion, also called a Sober Coach/Companion, used to be known as a service high-profile celebrities used when they felt the need for extra support, either when leaving a treatment center, or simply when sobriety was shaky and uncertain and a helping hand was essential to keeping them on track.


Today, coaching/companion support services, whether for individuals with mental health issues, those that are addicted to alcohol and drugs, or people struggling with dual-diagnoses, is not uncommon. Everyone from business executives, family members and loved ones, professional athletes, to college students are affected by an addiction and mental health disorder and can work with a recovery and mental health coach/companion to guide and help them stay accountable in their recovery.


The transition from treatment into real life can prove particularly challenging and fragile. Many newly-recovering individuals have discovered that having a recovery/mental health companion/coach beside them can mean the difference between continued emotional stability and relapse. A carefully selected companion/coach can be present 24/7 to help restructure an individual’s daily addiction-free and emotionally re-stabilized life, while simultaneously helping them to learn how to live a newly balanced and healthy lifestyle.


The popularity/demand of using a coach or companion is the result of a push from high-end treatment centers who have, and continue to, cater to a “self-pay market” in such states as California, Florida and New York, where certain residents can afford their own treatment needs. Connections in Recovery New York (CiRNY), an international addiction and mental health treatment consulting company that offers expertise in interventions, case management, recovery companions, and coaching, explained, “Even though most treatment places do not accept insurance, there is still a good percentage of families or loved ones that want the best recovery plan possible.”



Since triggers and temptations are prevalent everywhere for someone trying to stay sober, this is where the carefully selected recovery coach steps in to assist and help the individual make better decisions. “They offer encouragement, support, listen, and are there for you to lean on,” said CiRNY. Some of the benefits can include:




A unique aspect of CiRNY is their trained and qualified Recovery and Mental Health Coaches and Companions, who provide personalized recovery and mental health support for individuals struggling in New York City and throughout the Tri-State area. “We understand the often long road to recovery is difficult. Because no two people are alike, we design customized action plans for each person.”


CiRNY Director of Training, Dr. Allyson Cole, Psy.D., who is a New York-based Licensed Psychologist, not only specializes/has specialized in helping clients and families receive the highest quality of care while overcoming addiction and mental illness over the past 18 years, but she also offers clinical supervision to companions and coaches and helps them navigate difficult situations with clients. By assessing the needs, symptoms and family dynamics, Dr. Cole collaborates closely with treatment teams to ensure comprehensive treatment plans are developed and properly implemented. She then provides ongoing supervision to those delivering these services. This innovative model allows companions and coaches to receive training, support, and resources to allow them to better help clients. Her passion for implementing the C.R.E.A.T.E. Outcomes™ Model ensures that optimal collaboration and communication is occurring with clients, caregivers, and treatment providers, which ultimately positively benefits the clients served.


If you or a loved one would like to learn more about Connections in Recovery New York and how we can help, call us at 1800-962-7611 or visit our website





About CiRNY: Connections in Recovery New York services the Tri-state area and is operated by Co-Founders Lauren Arborio and Patty Baret, CIRNY Director Jared Morgenstern, LCSW, CiRNY Director of Training Allyson Cole, Psy.D., and CiRNY Assistant Director Raven Burgos, MSW. Combining their professional credentials and years of expertise, the five have implemented a comprehensive case management strategy that focuses on the unique needs of each individual and encompasses overall wellness.



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