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Drug and Alcohol Intervention New York

Drug and Alcohol Interventions Connections in Recovery New YorkConnections in Recovery New York fills that crucial gap in treatment between the outpatient psychiatrist/psychotherapist and the inpatient treatment center. They are very professional, fast, ready whenever called, and extremely effective in getting high risk patients to treatment centers to begin the recovery process. I highly recommend this company as both interventionists and sober companions ~ A New York Psychiatrist


Helping a loved one struggling with an addiction can be extremely taxing. Many times, the individual can be in denial or if they are aware they have a problem, they do not want to get sober. An intervention often ensues as a final, desperate measure to get the alcoholic or drug addict to realize the seriousness of the situation. Conducting one is not only an appropriate option, but a necessary one as well. There are three types of interventions. The first (and best) is a “friends and/or family” model intervention. The other two types are either a legal or medical intervention. Obviously, of the three intervention types, the “friends and/or family” model is the more preferred.


In order to help an intervention prove to be successful, a professional interventionist is often included. The interventionist helps educate the family or friends staging the intervention, acts as facilitator of the actual event and helps remove any “heat” from the actual process. Thus, an interventionist helps direct the intervention and is able to effectively communicate with the individual in a clear and respectful manner about their destructive behavior and encourages them to enter treatment.


Connection in Recovery New York’s (CiRNY) diverse team of top interventionists allow us to help connect families and friends with the right “fit” for any case. Should an intervention be determined appropriate, we will discuss the entire process with you, to help this often extremely stressful situation becomes less so.


Our Intervention Services:


A highly trained interventionist will ease the difficult decision-making process regarding how to help your loved one take the next step toward recovering from an addiction or mental illness by providing the following assistance:


  • Hosting pre-intervention meetings with each participant to answer questions and equip each person with helpful tips to communicate difficult feelings


  • Extensive research of available treatment options and recommendations for a plan of action


  • Leading the intervention to motivate your loved one to take action toward a healthier life


  • Providing 30 days of case management for post-intervention planning to get your loved one into treatment and on to the better part of their journey toward overall wellness


For more than five years, Connections in Recovery has been a vital resource servicing the recovery and mental health community across the country and has helped over 1500 clients and families.


Connections in Recovery New York (CiRNY) is dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction and mental health issues by connecting them with the right services, professional support, and treatment resources. Our highly trained staff is available 24/7 to quickly and easily connect clients with the very best treatment teams. We care about you and your recovery. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to this concept.




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