Addiction and Recovery in New York City

Addiction and Recovery in New York City



Did you know that a leading cause of injury death in New York City as well as state-wide is due to drug poisoning? Just in NYC, the rates of overdose deaths have escalated consistently over the last half decade, with an average of more than 800 deaths each year.


And just three years ago, alcohol consumption attributed to 1,955 deaths among New Yorkers. New York City Health reported that out of 57 percent of New York adults that drank alcohol over a period of 30 days, there were 116,000 Emergency Department (ED) visits, including 88,000 inpatients hospitalized because of related alcohol consumption. “More than half of these deaths (55%) were due to chronic conditions (e.g., cancer, liver disease). Forty-five percent were due to acute conditions, including injuries, such as alcohol poisoning, motor-vehicle crashes and homicide.”





Although unhealthy substance use is really, all around us when we stop to look, health care providers don’t always “catch” it. It was estimated that in 2013, over 20 million people that were 12 years old and older in America had a substance abuse issue but less than five million actually reported they had treatment for the disorder.





What Are Some of Signs of Alcoholism?

-Decreased involvement in activities

-Loss of interest in friends and family

-Loss of interest in your job or in your studies at school


-Fixated on drinking

-Unable to quit drinking

-Feeling anxious, restless

-Behaviors of isolation; Behaviors of feeling erratic and/or violent

-Defensiveness when questioned about excessive drinking


What Are Some of Signs of Drug Dependency?

-Lack of interest in how you look: looking disheveled, including wearing inappropriate or clothing that is dirty

-Decrease in appetite, weight loss

-Looking tired, run down, lack of energy, poor skin tone, bloodshot eyes, appearing tired/run down


-Loss of interest in performing daily activities

-Excessive spending that is more than usual or requesting people to lend you money

-Loss of interest in finances, such as not paying your bills on time

-Big changes in your relationships

-Loss of interest in work or in school

-Defensiveness when questioned about using drugs





If you or someone you love exhibits signs of alcohol or drug dependency, Connections in Recovery New York (CiRNY) is a Non-Clinical, full service recovery support company that help individuals who are struggling with substance use and/or mental illness.  We offer recovery coaches and companions, mental health coaches and companions, consultations, interventions, case management, safe transport, and in-home detox services to those who are at risk.



Since 2011, Connections in Recovery (CiR), an international addiction and mental health treatment consulting company that offers expertise in interventions, case management, recovery companions, and coaching, has been a vital resource to individuals across the country. Their mission then, and today, is to help connect families and individuals struggling with addiction and mental health disorders with the best providers, professionals, recovery companions and treatment resources to support long-term positive outcomes. CiR also provides professional referral services to physicians and clinicians worldwide.



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